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By Sophia

Top 10 Brake Pads Rotors Companies in Ecuador

If you are looking for Brake Pads Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ecuador, you are in the right place.We here listed the Top 10 Brake Pads Companies, Factories, Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ecuador.

Check and ask for a quote for Brake Pads Rotors, brake pads, brake discs, brake drum, brake shoes, brake sensors, control arm, most of the brake products, auto parts.

1.Mondraker Ecuador

Address: Guanguiltagua &, Quito 170135, Ecuador
Plus: RGCH+F3 Quito, Ecuador
  • TIRE
  • Rail brake blocks
  • Transit disc brake pads
  • Rail brake shoes
  • Freight rail brake blocks

Mondraker Ecuador is an organization that has provided solutions for 67 years in the fields of industrial and automotive maintenance. It also sells products for the hardware and construction markets, with an assortment ranging from equipment, tools, supplies, occupational safety, rental equipment and electrical materials. It also operates in the field of energy efficiency and energy generation with renewable sources.

2.Hivimar Matriz

Address: HIvimar Km. 2.5 y Agustín Freire, Av. Juan Tanca Marengo, Guayaquil 090512, Ecuador
Plus: R3XX+VP Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Brakes Shoes
  • CV Brake Pads
  • Brake Lining
  • Discs Brake Rotor


“We are the best option in the commercialization of bearings and power transmission elements in the country. We give our clients a comprehensive solution at the right price, at the right time, seeking mutual development in a profitable and sustainable wayWe seek to optimize the use of resources, innovating processes that allow us to serve our clients quickly and in a timely manner.We implement highly efficient production processes through new technologies to meet the needs of customers and to make decisions quickly, safeguarding the interests of the institution.

3.Casa del Rulimán Matriz

Address: Av. Machala 1101, Guayaquil 090311, Ecuador
Plus: R455+QW Guayaquil, Ecuador


  • Military
  • Aircraft
  • High Speed Trains
  • Industrial Brakes / Clutche


Give the best solution to our clients and colleagues, creating happiness with innovation, quality and integrity, so that progress does not stop. Integrity We are committed to good business practices. We are interested in building lasting relationships based on honest and truthful behavior.

Perseverance We act with firmness and constancy in the execution of projects and in the achievement of our objectives. Initiative We take advantage of opportunities and share them with our clients and collaborators.Flexibility We work effectively in unusual situations and we value diverse work teams.

Teamwork We actively participate in common goals.Service orientation We maintain an attitude of permanent service, our internal clients are as important as our external ones.


4 .Honda Indumot Ecuador

Address: Ave Diego de Almagro y, Bello Horizonte, Quito, Ecuador
Plus: RG37+4X Quito, Ecuador
  • Brake Pads and Discs
  • Brake shoe
  • brake cylinder
  • Brake Flexible

Honda Indumot Ecuador Our mission is to discover new ways to improve and extend people’s lives. Our vision is to be a trusted partner in changing the improvment auto parts.
Talented, committed and responsible people are essential to fulfilling our purpose of reimagining auto parts. We seek to unleash the power of our people and promote an inspired, curious and empowered company culture.
Novartis is structured to offer innovative products, utilize global scale, and respond to new opportunities and risks.


5 .TOPbike Ecuador

Address:Edificio Tirrena, Avenida 6 de Diciembre, y, Quito 170517, Ecuador
Plus: RG49+QC Quito, Ecuador


  • Custom Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Custom SAHR Brakes
  • Custom Air Disc Brakes

I opened TOP BIKE in 2011, realizing that in addition to the brands that I sold, my personalized service, advice and after sales were the strengths of my personal brand, achieving the return of loyal customers of the store.
Our trajectory during the last 8 years is based on a very large client portfolio and a growing percentage of virtual clients, managing different social networks, especially Facebook.


6.Harley-Davidson Ecuador

Address: González Suárez 197, Quito, Ecuador
Plus: QGX9+HV Quito, Ecuador
  • Brake Pad
  • Discs Brake
  • Brake Disc

We are a company legally constituted and established in the city of Pereira, we base our services on fast mechanical operations with principles of transparency, providing our clients with good prices, flexible and adapted hours, personal and professional treatment and a proactive service that allows us to provide preventive maintenance to your vehicle.


7 .Imporfrenos

Address: Av. 6 de Diciembre N56-151 y, De los Fresnos Local 2, Quito 170513, Ecuador
Plus: VGC9+39 Quito, Ecuador
  • bikes
  • Brakes pads
  • Motorcycles
  • Lights
  • Guayas and accessories
  • Industrial Clutches & Brakes

Training technically to be better every day. Be an upright and honest person, who thinks about the benefit of its clients and collaborators.Keep the facilities clean and orderly.Have the necessary tools, manuals, equipment and materials.Maintain constant cleanliness and personal presentation.Love the profession of braking with a passion, not a hobby.Properly guide their clients on preventive and corrective maintenance of the brakes.Treat clients with respect and courtesy.Respect the safety regulations in your workplace.Use quality spare parts that guarantee the safety of your customers, BRAKE PAK brand.


8.Mondraker Ecuador

Address: Guanguiltagua &, Quito 170135, Ecuador

Plus: RGCH+F3 Quito, Ecuador
  • Brakes
  • Hydraulics
  • Motor parts
  • Bearings, Seals and Crosses
  • Suspension


9 .BikeMotors Ecuador

Address: *Bicimotos, Motores, Repuestos*, Av. Cristóbal Colón Oe2-36 entre Versalles y, Av. 10 de Agosto, Quito 170520, Ecuador
Plus:RG33+32 Quito, Ecuador

This company is a business extension of the company Abclaptops sa, it works only with online promotion through the different virtual platforms, facebook, instagram, twitter, the line of business is novel articles, consumer technology and nanotechnology. operations is the central office of Abclaptops sa located at Calle A N43-54 and Cabildos sector Quito Tennis.

10 .Auto Decor Accesorios

Address: Av. 6 de Diciembre 47-236 y, Quito 170504, Ecuador
Plus: RGXF+FG Quito, Ecuador
  • brakes
  • Brakes and clutch
  • Filters
  • bodywork
  • Body parts
  • strap

We are a leading company in the local market, with more than forty years dedicated to the sale of accessories for all kinds of vehicles, with highly qualified personnel committed to the service that our customers deserve, providing the best care and confidence to start up. your vehicle.
In our stores, more than a seller, you will find a friend growing step by step with you, hence our motto “The customer is our inspiration; together towards success ”.


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