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By Sophia

Top 10 Brake Pads Rotors Companies in Paraguay

If you are looking for Brake Pads Manufacturers and Suppliers in Paraguay, you are in the right place.We here listed the Top 10 Brake Pads Companies, Factories, Manufacturers and Suppliers in Paraguay.

Check and ask for a quote for Brake Pads Rotors, brake pads, brake discs, brake drum, brake shoes, brake sensors, control arm, most of the brake products, auto parts.

1.Chacomer Casa Central

Address: Av. Eusebio Ayala, Asunción, Paraguay
Plus: MCQ6+JG Asunción, Paraguay
  • TIRE
  • Rail brake blocks
  • Transit disc brake pads
  • Rail brake shoes
  • Freight rail brake blocks

Chacomer SAE is a company founded in 1956 by Mr. Kornelius Walde. It was initially constituted as a Limited Liability Company and in 1975 it became a Public Limited Company, listing its shares on the Asunción Stock and Products Exchange since 1995, being one of the first Open Capital Issuing companies, in your field. It began its commercial activities importing and selling various products, such as brushes, bicycle parts, various hardware items, among others. He quickly incorporated the Görike and Heidemann bicycles into his product line, which were initially imported from Germany. As the company grew, new products were added to its lines, such as alarm clocks, wall clocks, wristbands, chainsaws, spare parts and accessories for motorcycles and chainsaws, electrical appliances, bazaar items and others.

2.Scuderia Shop, Sport & Music

Address: Av. Mariscal López 4319, Asunción, Paraguay
Plus: PC3G+9H Asunción, Paraguay
  • Brakes Shoes
  • CV Brake Pads
  • Brake Lining
  • Discs Brake Rotor

As the company grew, new products were added to its lines, such as alarm clocks, wall clocks, wristbands, chainsaws, spare parts and accessories for motorcycles and chainsaws, electrical appliances, bazaar items and others.

Since 1972 Chacomer has exclusively represented and continues Caloi bicycles, which today lead the bicycle market in Paraguay. In 1991, the Hero Puch and SYM motorcycles were incorporated into the commercial lines of Chacomer.

Since 1994, it has been selling Kenton motorcycles, winner of the Top of Mind; and lately YAMAHA and HARLEY DAVIDSON motorcycles. The Milano, Scott, Cannondale and GT bikes have been incorporated into the bike line.

In 2002, Chacomer SAE, installed in the city of Fernando de la Mora – on a 20,000 m2 site – an industrial plant in the metal-mechanical sector, equipped with the latest technology. In the industrial plant, motorcycles, bicycles and gymnastics equipment are manufactured, where each manufactured unit is subjected to strict quality controls, to guarantee compliance with production regulations and thus achieve the highest quality standards. All motorcycles, bicycles and gymnastics equipment marketed by the company have a real guarantee against manufacturing defects and are fully backed by service and spare parts availability, to keep the unit running for many years.


3.LOOP BIKES | Bicicletas y Motos Eléctricas Paraguay

Address: Agustín Pío Barrios 1230, Asunción, Paraguay
Plus: PC8G+9V Asunción, Paraguay


  • Military
  • Aircraft
  • High Speed Trains
  • Industrial Brakes / Clutche

“They tell me movement, constant, eternal. They tell me chaos, and they call me calm, but I am the wind. In the face, in the hair, deep in the lungs. I am the unstructured structure. I am a broken scheme. A slave loose, a bird on the asphalt, a silence … screamed. Why are you so still? If moving is everything. If moving is the only proof that we are really alive. ”


4 .WHEELE PARAGUAY Bicicletas eléctricas

Address: San Rafael 1663, Lambaré, Paraguay
Plus: M9GP+8C Lambaré, Paraguay
  • Brake Pads and Discs
  • Brake shoe
  • brake cylinder
  • Brake Flexible


5 .Royal Parts S.A.

Address:Av. Eusebio Ayala 1224, Asunción, Paraguay
Plus: M9WQ+J9 Asunción, Paraguay


  • Custom Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Custom SAHR Brakes
  • Custom Air Disc Brakes

Know everything that the after-sales service has for you. We have a qualified network of 12 points nationwide with a competent, qualified and honest human team. We want you to have a great, comfortable, safe service experience at a fair price and without worries. Original parts and parts to keep your Royal Parts S.A in perfect condition.


6.Consur Bike

Address: W9VC+FQC, Obligado, Paraguay
Plus: W9VC+FQC, Paraguay
  • Brake Pad
  • Discs Brake
  • Brake Disc


More than 40 years distributing quality throughout the southern part of the country.

Consur is a local company founded by Don Carlos Szopa, a local businessman who for more than two decades leads and works with a team of people in search of satisfying the highest expectations of his distinguished clients, in the import, representation and commercialization of automobiles.


7 .Paraguay Bikes

Address: Cerro León, Caballero 8500, Paraguay
Plus: F729+2F Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay
  • bikes
  • Brakes pads
  • Motorcycles
  • Lights
  • Guayas and accessories
  • Industrial Clutches & Brakes

Paraguay Bikes Technologies was established with the goal of developing state of the art sintered metallic friction materials produced using globally competitive manufacturing processes. Paraguay Bikes materials are used in an extensive range of disk brake and clutch applications by both OEM and aftermarket customers.Paraguay Bikes satisfies customer demands for high performance, quality products, tailored to meet specific requirements. These products are delivered on time and at the most competitive price



Address: Dr. Domingo Montanaro esq. Guaranies, Asunción, Paraguay
Plus: MCJP+34 Asunción, Paraguay
  • Brakes
  • Hydraulics
  • Motor parts
  • Bearings, Seals and Crosses
  • Suspension

Parauto SA is a company dedicated to the Import and distribution of various spare parts for vehicles of Japanese and Korean origin.
We also specialize in finding solutions to spare parts problems for vehicles of all brands to make special orders from the US, Europe, Japan, Korea and others.

Personalized attention by trained personnel.


9 .Mizumo Motor Paraguay

Address: Av. Madame Lynch 470, Asunción, Paraguay
Plus: MCMV+J7 Asunción, Paraguay

Mizumo Motor Paraguay SRL, we are a multinational company with a presence in more than 11 Latin American countries, dedicated to the importation and distribution of auto parts.

    We started our activities in the Paraguayan market in 1995, we are currently installed in the City of San Lorenzo and we have more than 20 own brands developed under strict quality standards.

10 .Autoplus autopartes – DuPont Paraguay

Address: Av. Mariscal López esq, Asunción, Paraguay
Plus: MCRW+WX Asunción, Paraguay
  • brakes
  • Brakes and clutch
  • Filters
  • bodywork
  • Body parts
  • strap

The Company Autoplus autopartes – DuPont Paraguay  was founded by in 1966. We started our commercial operations .It was in 1984 when we moved to the current offices on Paraguay and , where we also have warehouses and a sales roomIt is currently run by the Sons of the founder and is emerging as the first marketing company of the YAMAHA brand, with a long history and years of experience in Paraguay. We have the trained staff to provide excellent technical support to all our clients.

To be the number one company in the Paraguayan market representing the Yamaha brand


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